TCG UNITECH drives its development in the European automotive industry with its consistent innovation work and highly complex products in three central areas:

High Pressure Die Casting
Highly precise, ready-to-mount lightweight components made of aluminium and magnesium alloys such as steering housings, camshafts, power train components, and more.

Injection Moulding
Processing and machining of high-temperature and highly reinforced thermoplastic materials as well as overmoulding of pressure cast metal components.

Oil and Coolant Pumps
Development and production of complete assemblies and systems using sophisticated machining and assembly lines for engines and gearboxes.
Customers benefit from trend-setting quality, absolute reliability and exemplary on-time delivery on a level that only a market leader can provide



Jebsen Automotive Technik represents Jebsen Group’s business interests in China’s booming automotive market. Staffed by a team of veteran industry professionals, Jebsen Automotive Technik supplies localised OEM components and aftermarket spare parts.